How to Apply

Please read, complete, and return the documents listed below. Unless otherwise indicated, all forms are required for both new and returning ESD students. If you have questions or concerns about the application or re-enrollment process, please feel free to contact our office at

Read these first

Immunization policy (please note that ESD students are NOT exempt from this policy, even if they are not intending to participate in on-campus activities)

Parent, Student, & Member Organization Handbook

Tuberculosis Surveillance Policy

ESD Fees – Contact us at for further information.

ESD Services Overview

Please complete each of the following documents for each student:

ESD New Application Form and Application Instructions

ESD Re-enrollment form (for returning ESD students) and Re-enrollment Instructions

Student Emergency Information form

Health History and physical exam form – Parents should complete and sign the “Health History Questionnaire” page. A physician or healthcare professional must complete the areas indicated on the “Physical Examination Form” page.

PSMO Handbook Agreement forms – Parents need to sign a copy of the parent agreement for each student. Additionally, each secondary student needs to sign a student agreement.

Media Consent Form – one per family

Please submit all of the completed forms along with a copy of the photo page of each child’s passport (new applicants only) and a copy of each child’s immunization records to the ESD office. We will not begin processing a new application or application for re-enrollment until all the required paperwork is received. Applications can be submitted in person, by mail (P.O. Box 32, A. Hang Dong, Chiang Mai 50230), or by email (

Once we have received your application, expect at least a week for processing. You may be contacted by ESD staff requesting a meeting after we have your application. If your application is successful, GIS finance department will notify you regarding what fees will be assessed. Then, you will have until the deadline to pay all fees for the semester or year for which you are registering.

Application Supplements

If your secondary student is requesting GIS courses, please review the course information and complete the appropriate course request form. Students requesting courses on campus are also required to provide two  references, one of which must be from an educator. The reference form must be submitted directly to ESD by the person completing it. Placement in courses is not guaranteed and will depend on available space and academic readiness.

If you request Educational Support Services in your application, you will receive additional forms that require a separate approval process through the Educational Support Director.