Graduation Requirements


Grace International School is a college preparatory high school with a foundation in the US educational system. This system grants credits earned for courses successfully passed according to the Carnegie credit allocation system. Grades are determined by teachers in subject courses during the term. Although our curriculum is US based, we are a Christian international school and seek to meet the needs of our diverse student body.

GIS seeks to help all our students to be well-educated and prepared to transition to post-graduate educational institutions, whether at home or abroad. As a result, students may choose which of the following graduation requirement options best support their plans for education after graduation from GIS. Parents must indicate which option they are following and sign a contract agreeing to the requirements and implications of following that option.

All students who are US citizens, hold dual citizenship with the US, or any student who plans to study in the U.S. must follow Option A. Non-US citizens may choose Option A or B depending on the country where they plan to attend university.

Graduation Requirement Option A

Students choosing Option A may choose from one of the following three tracks to earn a high school diploma from GIS, all requiring a minimum of 24 credits to graduate from GIS. We see graduation not as an end in itself but as a stepping stone to other opportunities. Because not all students have the same goals, the following track options are provided to assist in planning a student’s course of study.

Each track is not a rigid criteria but a guided suggestion depending on post-graduation goals. There is flexibility in changing tracks to meet changing goals. All educational plans should be in conference between parents, students, and the academic counselor. All tracks lead to a high school diploma from GIS.

Track 1: High School Diploma Track
This track meets minimum requirements for a high school diploma from GIS. It will not be an adequate track to prepare a student for college entrance, though it may be lead to admission in community college or vocational school.

Track 2: College Prep Track
This track recognizes the current requirements of a rigorous schedule in the U.S. and prepares a student to apply and succeed in many colleges and universities. This track can include AP courses.

Track 3: AP College Prep Track
This track is the most rigorous schedule and prepares students for entrance into most colleges or universities. The credits listed are simply a suggested criterion and can be modified to meet individual situations. For a list of current AP courses offered at GIS, see the course catalog or contact the academic counselor.

Credits Required for Option A

Subject Area High School Track College Prep Track AP College Prep Track
Religious Studies* 0.5/year of attendance 0.5/year of attendance 0.5/year of attendance
English 4 4 4**
Mathematics 2 3-4 4**
Social Studies 3 3-4 3-4**
Science 2 3-4 3-4**
PE/Health 1.0/0.5 1.0/0.5 1.0/0.5
Language 1.0 3 3-4
Computers 1.0 1.0 1.0
Electives 8 4 4
Minimum Total† 24 24 24
Grade Point Average
2.0 (required) 3.0 (recommended) 3.0 (recommended)

* Students are required to have ½ credit in religious studies for each year in attendance at GIS.
**Indicates subjects areas where one or more credits frequently come from AP classes
†The total number of credits required for graduation is not reduced for transfer students; a minimum of 24 is required so additional electives may be necessary. A student may accumulate more than 24 credits.

Graduation Requirement Option B

Students who are citizens from countries using standardized external exams may place higher emphasis on AP exam results for admission into university and may use this diploma option to allow them to focus on exam preparation. A diploma contract must be signed prior to pursuing this diploma. Parents and students should research the policies of their country and specific university polices to find out what courses they need to take and how AP scores will count for admission. Not all credits within a subject year will be AP courses, and there are prerequisites for admission into AP courses which must be completed prior to taking each AP course. For more information on course progressions, see the course catalog or contact the Academic Counselor.

Credits Required for Option B

Subject Area AP University Track AP Courses Offered
(see course catalog for full listing)
Religious Studies* 0.5/year of attendance Bible courses outside GIS must come from an accredited ‘credit granting’ institution and be approved by GIS.
English 4 English Literature
Students may take AP Literature in 11th grade and AP English 12th grade with counselor & instructor approval.
Mathematics 4 Calculus, Statistics
Social Studies 3-4 World History, US History
Science 3-4 Biology, Physics, Chemistry
PE/Health 0.5 Health
Language 0 Spanish 4 + AP preparation
Thai citizens must take National Thai every year.
Computers 0
Electives* 0-1.5 With prior approval, a student may independently study for and take an AP exam not otherwise offered at GIS. GIS is not obligated to provide resources or teaching staff.Electives depend on credits in other categories. Students must have 18 total credits.
Minimum Total* 18 4
Grade Point Average (GPA) 3.0 (Recommended)

*While language, computers, and a variety of elective courses are not required in this option, universities may expect or require that you have skills in these areas. Check the specific requirements of your country and university.

Rationale for Specific Graduation Requirements

The ability to read and write is critical to all endeavors, especially to university admittance and continuing education. Therefore, GIS requires 4 years of English.

As a Christian school, our religious studies courses are essential to fulfilling our mission and vision, to achieving our Global Objectives for All Learners (GOALs), and to keeping in accordance with ACSI accreditation policies.

The health course instructs students in information that is not included elsewhere in the curriculum and fulfills our GOALs of maintaining balanced, healthy lifestyles; exhibiting biblical self-esteem; and developing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships.