Athletic Vision

GIS is committed to educating both the heart and the mind of the student athlete. Athletics are a vital part of the Christian educational experience. As teachers and coaches, we believe in educating the whole person through mind, body, heart, and spirit. In athletics, we actively integrate faith, learning, and character in our students.

The GIS athletic program enhances the quality of life in the individual participants, the school culture, and the greater community. It affords students an atmosphere of hard work and discipline, as they explore their God-given gifts.

The GIS Athletic Division affirms

  • Academic aspirations of student
  • Good sportsmanship
  • Giving, receiving and rewarding maximum effort
  • Fair opportunities regardless of gender
  • Encouraging all students to participate in athletic activities as athletes or spectators
  • Appropriate levels of competition for each developmental stage, K-12
  • The desire to reach personal and team excellence when measured against one’s “best self” (1 Corin. 9:24-27)
  • The value of competition inherent in sports

Rec League (grades 4-7)

Recreation League (Rec League) teams are co-ed and not subject to try-outs. Each 6-8 week season aims to give young players a taste of the sport and the basic skills they need before deciding to play at a competitive level. Emphasis is on fun and fundamentals. Teams are coached by parents and games are facilitated by high school sports leadership students.

Rec League Sports

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Rugby
  • Futsal

CMAC (all ages)

Chiang Mai Athletic Conference (CMAC) includes eight international schools in Chiang Mai. Each CMAC sport season lasts roughly one academic quarter and culminates in a tournament or meet. CMAC age brackets are U9, U11, U13, U16, and U20, where players must be under the specified age on August 1st of that academic year. Unless otherwise noted, team sports in each age bracket will have one girls’ team and one boys’ team. Though outcomes don’t count for the official record, GIS teams frequently play Thai teams for extra competition during the CMAC season.

6-7 yrs U9 U11 U13 U16 U20
volleyball ✔(co-ed)
soccer ✔(co-ed)
swimming junior meet junior meet junior meet senior meet senior meet senior meet
track and field junior meet junior meet junior meet senior meet senior meet senior meet

Travelling Teams

To enrich the players’ experience and raise the level of competition, upper-level basketball, volleyball and soccer teams compete in Bangkok annually. In addition, the volleyball teams alternate travelling to Faith Academy in the Philippines with hosting Faith in Chiang Mai. Other travel opportunities include the Nations Soccer Tournament, which rotates hosts between Faith, Morrison, Dalat, Grace, and CMIS as well as the British International School Soccer Tournament in Phuket. Due to international tournament schedules and restrictions, travelling teams may overlap with CMAC teams, but travelling players may be subject to additional requirements.

Intramural Sports

These sports are played in short seasons by GIS middle and high school students, staff, and parents on self-organized teams. Their focus is physical recreation and friendly competition and each season culminates in an intramural tournament.

Intramural Sports

  • Flag Football
  • Ultimate Frisbee

PAWS Booster Club

PAWS is an alliance of parents and students with the vision of glorifying God through sports at Grace.

To achieve this aim, PAWS will…

  • Encourage involvement of students, parents, and faculty in the life of GIS
  • Exalt and honor student athletes
  • Enhance the sports programs at GIS by facilitating various sports-related projects

Through the means of…

  • Projects–working with the athletic division to determine and meet needs
  • Awards–recognizing GIS athletes through the awards banquet and other means
  • Work–manning concession stands and selling merchandise to fund projects
  • Spirit–developing school spirit through locker cutouts, banners, pep-rallies, etc.

Sports Club Schedule:

  • Mon-Fri: 3:00 – 8:30 p.m.
  • Sat: Noon – 8:30 p.m.
  • Sun: Closed

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