COVID-19 Updates

Starting School Online 2021-2022

Dear GIS Community,
Like most of the world, GIS staff and leadership have been hoping and praying that the 2021-22 school year would begin under ‘normal’ circumstances. Unfortunately, with the rise of COVID cases in Thailand, the related restrictions, and the current complexities of international travel, we have new information and are now planning to begin this school year off-campus, with Continuous Learning.
We acknowledge that this option requires more from our staff, students, and families. But when managing the tension between postponing the first day of school (in the hopes of an in-person start) or beginning the year off-campus, we believe it is most beneficial to commence the school year and begin making academic progress. (This option will also help us avoid extending the school year to make up school days.)
Much can change in the next few weeks, but our current plan is outlined below. We will share a more detailed timeline closer to the dates.
  • Aug 13 (Fri) – materials pickup (Chromebooks, textbooks, etc.)
  • Aug 16 (Mon) – Continuous Learning begins
  • Aug 17 (Tues) – materials pickup (Chromebooks, textbooks, learning packets, etc.)
  • Aug 18 (Wed) – Continuous Learning begins
GIS and multiple other international schools in our region are hoping to be on campus as soon as possible. GIS will commit to an initial period of online learning through August 27 and will reevaluate based on the situation in Thailand for the week beginning August 30.
  • If your family is traveling and uncertain about your arrival dates and the academic implications, please contact with your questions.
  • If you have questions regarding COVID and how the school is managing precautions, please contact
On behalf of the the CMT,
Ajarn Jintana Seadsophonkul
School Director
Stephen Anderson
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