Korean Elementary Program

The aim of Korean class at GIS is to assist elementary Korean students in developing their speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. All national Korean students in grades 3-6 who are not in ESL support will have Korean class three times a week. Students who do not yet meet GIS standards for English fluency must remain in ESL support. Once they meet our English fluency standards, they can attend Korean class.

Korean class at GIS consists of three parts: Korean reading, culture, and grammar. When students study reading, they will be exposed to a Korean context by reading, thinking about, and responding to books written by native Korean authors. These books also contain traditional idioms, expressions, syntax, spelling, and vocabulary. When students study Korean culture they experience different events, songs, arts and crafts, cooking, and dancing just like Koreans would in Korea. Students usually enjoy this part of the class the most. Students also study Korean grammar because this is often one of the weaker areas for Korean TCKs/MKs.

Please see the attached parent letter that gives more details about our program. If you come to study at GIS, I look forward to seeing you in my class.