The Home & Distance Education Division provides educational support and encourages academic excellence for Christian families serving throughout Thailand who are educating their children at home. HDE can provide support with curriculum resources, library, and consultations about your home education needs.

What Can HDE Do For You?


We love to hear from parents about the successes and challenges they’re experiencing with their children’s education. We can do this through email, phone calls, or face to face meetings in the HDE library. HDE staff can then give recommendations regarding curriculum and supplemental materials available in our library, referral for potential testing for educational support, and planning and record keeping.

Standardized testing

As a benefit of HDE membership, students in grades 3-12 are given the opportunity to take remote MAP tests once each year (November or March) at a discounted rate, proctored by our HDE staff.

HDE students who are taking at least one GIS class may be permitted to take the PSAT test at GIS on a space-available basis. 

AP exams are currently available only to HDE students who are taking the relevant class at GIS; additional fees apply.

Social activities

HDE field trips, parent/family gatherings, and other activities are offered based on member interest and staff availability. We will also arrange to visit remote families at their request.

Library access

HDE families can use both the Home & Distance Education library and the GIS elementary and secondary libraries to check out a wide variety of materials, such as:

  • Complete curriculum for all grades and subject areas in a variety of educational styles (traditional, classical, literature-based, etc.), which can be checked out a semester at a time
  • Curriculum-related books – books suggested or required by Sonlight, My Father’s World, and other literature-based curricula as well as other quality readers
  • Ancillary materials – science kits, manipulatives like Unifix cubes, gram-centimeter cubes, scales, microscopes, flashcards, posters, games, puzzles, and many other items
  • General reading books – fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults

For families living outside Chiang Mai, HDE staff will mail HDE library materials at no additional cost!

GIS connections

Families living in Chiang Mai may want to take advantage of the extra-curricular opportunities available to their students at GIS. This includes after-school sports, after-school clubs, chapel, educational support services (at an additional cost), and taking up to 3 classes at GIS (grades 7-12 only). *Subject to availability and approval.*

Elementary after-school clubs are open to 3rd through 6th grade and may not be open to HDE students. For teams where tryouts are required, the student must be enrolled in HDE before the tryout date. Classes can be requested only after students are enrolled in HDE, and placement is not guaranteed.