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What is the cost to join HDE?

For 2021-2022 HDE fees, click here

Can my children receive a Grace International School education through HDE?

Although HDE students in grades 7-12 can take up to three classes per semester (click here for more information), HDE students are not considered full-time enrolled students at GIS. Report cards and transcripts will be given for the classes taken, but HDE students do not receive a GIS diploma. GIS does not offer online classes, correspondence courses, or other remote learning opportunities. Students in grades K-6 cannot take GIS classes through HDE.

Can HDE help my children be admitted to GIS?

Helping students get into GIS is not the goal of HDE. HDE exists to help families who are educating their children at home to do so successfully.

Will HDE staff teach my children?

No. HDE provides support services to parents who are teaching their children at home, including resources, encouragement, and access to extracurricular activities. HDE is not a “program.” We do not provide classes, structured group activities, or one-on-one instruction for students.

Does HDE provide homeschooling curriculum?

Sometimes. HDE acts as an advisor to parents as they choose curriculum. HDE can help families define their educational philosophy for homeschooling, which becomes a guide for determining what type of curriculum will fit them the best. HDE does not order curriculum for families, but the HDE library has curriculum that can be checked out and used. If a parent wants materials that are not available in the HDE library, the consultant will try to help the parent determine where and how they might be able to order it for themselves.

Can my child learn English as a Second Language through HDE?

HDE can provide very limited assistance to English language learners. While we can provide books and other materials, we do not offer ESL tutoring services. Our curriculum library is designed for parents who are teaching their children at home in the English language. We do not have materials that a student can use without help from an adult who speaks, reads, and writes English well. Most online schools that are based in the U.S. also require students to be supervised and assisted by an adult who can read and write English well.

Can you help me meet the education requirements of my passport country?

Homeschooling is legal in Thailand, and the Thai government does not have any requirements for citizens of other countries who are homeschooling while living in Thailand (Thai citizens should contact the Ministry of Education to find out what they need to do in order to homeschool legally). Home educating families need to know their passport country’s education laws and requirements. HDE is not an “umbrella school” and does not issue transcripts or any other official school records (with the exception of classes taken at GIS).

What support do you provide for families when they are on furlough or back in their passport countries?

HDE primarily serves families while they are in Thailand. When HDE families are visiting their passport countries, they can be informed when re-admission processes begin and can still communicate their plans. If HDE families need support services while in their passport country, we will do our best to help but will be unable to provide the same kind of support as we do to families in Thailand. HDE library materials may not be taken out of Thailand.

Are there other educational resources in Thailand for home-schooling support?

There are several other educational resources available in Thailand and other countries nearby. If you have a need that HDE cannot currently meet, we may be able to connect you with others who can assist you.