As a Christian school, one of our goals is for our students to become global citizens who impact their world by applying biblical truth. We offer an American-style, college-preparatory curriculum that integrates academic rigor with biblical truth and real-world application.

One of the unique qualities of our secondary school is the range of opportunities students have, in and out of class. We offer nine AP classes, alongside unique elective courses. Because our staff come to us as committed Christian teachers called to serve Grace students and their families, they model an integrated faith daily. Because their faith extends outside the classroom, they lead the students to take their learning to Thai schools, orphanages, and refugee camps through programs like Sports Leadership and art ministry.

We give our students a myriad of opportunities, with the aim of equipping them to choose and pursue their areas of interest. Our students continually step up and excel in scholarship, leadership, and servanthood. It is a blessing to be a part of this body of believers, striving to use our hearts, heads and hands together for the glory of God.