How to Register

Course requests are available to students entering 7th-12th grades in collaboration with their parents and the academic counselor. Since graduation is not an end in itself but a launching pad to other opportunities, we encourage students and parents to talk together about their long term goals, review the requirements here, and then make their course requests as described below. After reviewing the course requests, the academic counselor will make final class assignments.

Before you submit requests

  • Review the most current Graduation Requirements, Course Progressions, and Course Catalog at the links on the Courses page
  • Think about your post-graduation plans and research the entry requirements of universities or other programs in which you might be interested
  • Plan your course schedule in light of your goals after graduation
  • Check that you’ve met the prerequisites for each of your desired courses
  • Involve your parents in your course selection
  • If you’re unsure of the best courses for you, consult a teacher or the academic counselor

Online Requests

  • Current students will complete course requests using RenWeb’s GIS FamilyWeb
  • With your parents, fill out the course request form online
  • Submit your course request form before April 1st
  • New students and students on home leave or furlough will complete paper registration described below and submit by April 30.

Paper Requests

  • Download and print a hard copy from the link below –Middle School for grades 7 & 8, High School for grades 9-12
  • Circle the courses you wish to request
  • Scan the completed form and email as an attachment to

What next?

Tentative schedules will be given to students in May to review and allow for adjustments before school ends. However, in spite of our best efforts, schedules may change over summer due to small student enrollment in a course, teacher availability, or space limitations. At the beginning of each school year, there is an add/drop period of one week.

Review the following guidelines

Many courses have prerequisites. Review the current course catalog and course progressions to make sure you’ve met the prerequisites for your desired classes. If you have any questions about a course or its prerequisite, contact the teacher or the academic counselor.

AP (Advanced Placement) courses have specific requirements, including an application process and teacher approval. Talk with the teacher for that course or the department head for an application form and to review a course’s specific requirements. Students may request an AP course based on intent to take the course, but final acceptance is based on the outcome of the application process.


For general questions contact the Academic Counselor at or +66-52-088-777