COVID-19 Updates

Dear GIS community,


Thank you for your patience in waiting to hear whether GIS would be given permission from the government to resume face-to-face instruction.


The Crisis Management Team (CMT) has now received official confirmation. The Chiang Mai Provincial Communicable Disease Committee (CCDC) decided in their meeting held yesterday that schools in Chiang Mai are required to remain online for an additional 14 days. 


GIS will continue to work with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the CCDC to meet the requirements to conduct in-person learning. The school would still need to pass a site inspection and fulfill several other conditions in order to potentially reopen the campus in mid September.


We understand how challenging this time of Continuous Learning is for all our staff, students, and families. Our staff and teachers give their all to continue to provide a quality education in spite of these obstacles.


As we learn more about the required approvals, we will keep the community informed. If you have any questions or concerns related to COVID-19 policies, please feel free to contact the CMT at If you have questions about instruction or your child’s education, please contact our Deputy Superintendent Joe Crain at


May the Lord be with you all as we journey through this season together.




Ajarn Jintana

GIS School Director


Stephen Anderson


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