March 2020

We at Grace International School would like to update everyone on our current financial standing as we move forward into the 2020-2021 school year. As of today, we are currently operating on a 163 thousand sq ft campus with two soccer fields and three basketball courts. The assessed value of our current facilities is 544 million baht and we are so excited to update the community that we are only 5% in debt (equivalent to 30 million baht). This is a testament to God’s faithfulness and we are so encouraged with our current financial standing. 

That said, we have had many small infrastructure projects in the last six months that have directly impacted our operating funds. Currently, we have not touched our emergency reserve and have enough funds to cover our core operational expenses. When tuition fees come in next year, we will be back on track from that point forward. However, there is not much remaining margin and all future expenditures are contingent upon financial donations from our friends and families of Grace. We encourage you to take a look at our current projects to see how you can help in the process of completing our campus.

This update is not intended to alarm anyone but to simply provide a clear picture of our financial standing and to provide an explanation for why some projects will be halted until further funding becomes available. Please keep Grace in your prayers as we pursue like-minded donors who will partner with the school in order to raise up students for Christ. 

Projects and Prices (Thai Baht)

Parking/RD Improvements: 150,000

Completion of elementary and kindergarten playground: 650,000

Athletics court next to covered courts: 400,000

Finishing fill dirt for future soccer fields: 1,000,000

Pond/border security (includes fence): 1,000,000

Shade and netting for covered courts: 170,000

Sidewalk (2 meters) around covered courts: 175,000

Tree project: 150,000

Irrigation system (pipes and pumping): 1,500,000

Drainage: 300,000

Side walk to athletics: 150,000

Shell for gym: 20,000,000

Roof replacement for facilities building (leaks): 300,000

Move transformer: 250,000