COVID-19 Updates

Dear GIS Community,


First, thank you for your patience and for extending grace to GIS leadership and local authorities as decisions are being made with evolving information. We desire to teach your child(ren) in person on campus while taking all reasonable precautions to keep students, staff, and the community safe.


However, after extensive discussions with school leadership, the Crisis Management Team has decided to move the school online to GIS Continuous Learning for an initial period of one week, January 11-15.


Some of the major factors leading us to make this decision are:

  • An increasing number of schools of all types (universities, public, private, and international) have gone online, and some are extending campus closure.
  • We continue to meet one of our thresholds for school closure, with a majority of the CMAC international schools either closed or doing online learning until January 18.
  • A number of our staff and families have to quarantine for at least another week due to changes in government mandates for those who have traveled in red zone provinces.
  • More businesses have been ordered to close, and churches have been asked to limit gatherings to under 50 people.
  • Official data show numbers increasing in Thailand and in Chiang Mai:
    • Dec 20 – under 5,000 cases nationally
    • Jan 7 – over 9,000 cases nationally
    • Since Dec 30, there have been on average more than 300 new cases daily
    • Jan 4 – 745 new cases in one day


Developments will be monitored for a possible return to in-person classroom instruction or an extension of the period of online learning, depending on how the COVID-19 situation progresses. We will have an update to you on or before Friday, January 15, regarding the week of January 18-22. Further information on the logistics of our online learning plan will be emailed later today and published on our Continuous Learning website. This email will include information about materials pickup times on Friday, January 8.


After you read this email, please reach out to us at if you have questions or concerns.  We believe that we can offer all our students a high-quality education online during this difficult time, and our commitment to help them thrive holistically will continue during Continuous Learning.


This decision has been made with the safety and best interest of everyone in mind, but we acknowledge that this will require adjustments from all of us — students, parents, and teachers alike. We are praying for a smooth and successful transition.


Serving together,

Steve Anderson

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