Absolutely! We would love for you to come and see our school in action, meet our teachers and staff, and get a feel for life in Thailand.
“I love working at Grace because of the ongoing relationships that I have with students and graduates over the years!” –high school teacher
“The staff and students are awesome!! I feel safe to be myself.”–elementary teacher
“I love working at Grace because as I teach to inspire, the hearts of nations are transformed, starting with my own heart.”–special electives teacher
“I love knowing I’m meeting a great need by helping missionary families stay on the field.”–elementary teacher
Take a minute to hear from families in person about the significance of Grace in their lives. Videos
Grace operates under the authority of Thailand’s Ministry of Education and must follow Thai law regarding the teachers we hire. Thai law requires that all teachers have a degree in Education and/or a valid teaching credential from their home country. Grace prefers to hire experienced teaching staff who have the appropriate credentials.
In order to keep tuition costs low for missionary families, Grace is not able to provide salary, housing, or airfare allowance for staff. What we do provide is a vibrant workplace, like-minded colleagues, and a unique community of staff and families all committed to sharing the love of Jesus throughout SE Asia.
The GIS recruiting office can help incoming staff find suitable housing, as we are often aware of houses being vacated by families leaving the area. Your sending organization may also be involved in your search. For more information about moving to Chiang Mai, see our Living in Thailand page.
Yes. Grace will provide the information you need to obtain a visa which will enable you to live and work in Thailand. This process is sometimes lengthy and can be a bit “bumpy.” It’s all part of the journey, and we will be there to walk each step of that journey with you!
Grace provides basic coverage to our full time teachers, but not whole families, while in Thailand. Most mission organizations require their members and their families to have medical insurance both overseas and in their passport country.
Bangkok and Chiang Mai have numerous clinics and hospitals catering to a variety of needs and are generally well regarded within SE Asia. Major public and private hospitals are equipped with the latest medical technology and internationally qualified specialists. Almost all pharmaceuticals are widely available.
Tuition is waived for the children of full time teachers, up to three students. There will be some registration fees required.
We follow a standard U.S. system, beginning school in mid-August and usually ending by June 1 or 2. Breaks or holidays throughout the year include October (fall), Christmas, and April (spring) breaks. Take a look at our calendar for the current year and the following year. See Calendars
Grace does not provide general missionary pre-field orientation. Most mission organizations will provide that. Grace does provide new staff orientation two weeks before the start of the school year. This gives new staff time to meet administrators and fellow employees as well as begin to understand the culture and systems of Grace. We strongly recommend that new staff move to Thailand at least one month prior to new staff orientation to have adequate time to begin to adjust to life in their new country.
Your mission organization will determine how much you will need to raise in order to live in Chiang Mai.
While public transportation is inexpensive and easily accessible, most Grace staff find that owning their own vehicle gives them freedom and flexibility. Cars and motorbikes are the most commonly owned vehicles. You will need to obtain a Thai driver’s license once you are settled in Chiang Mai.
Yes! There are many grocery stores with imported items, along with five shopping malls, theaters, and Western restaurants. As well, there are many local markets which sell lots of fresh fruits and vegetables very inexpensively.